I provide the following assessments
  • Parenting Assessments :
  • These assessments use the theoretical models of Attachment, Trauma and Mentalization to explore the parent-child relationship, parental attachment history, emotion regulation and mentalization capacity.
  • Story Stem Assessments Profile (SSAP) (Children aged 4-10) :
  • The SSAP is a clinical assessment tool. It is non-intrusive form of examining young children’s mental representations of attachment and relationships. Research has shown that children’s responses to the story stems reflect both current and past features of their family life and attachment histories.
  • Parental Mentalization (Reflective Function) Assessment(using the Adult Attachment Interview) :
  • This assessment includes a detailed interview where the individual is asked to discuss their attachment and trauma history, as well as their current relationships and hopes for their child’s future. It will assess the capacity to mentalize for themselves, meaning their ability to make important links between past experiences, present thoughts and feelings and behaviour, as well their ability to do this for others. The ability to mentalizeand accurately consider what might be in your child’s mind in order to better understand their needs has been proven to significantly impact the parent-child relationship.