I can deliver the following methods of mentalization based intervention for families
  • Video based intervention for positive parenting (VIPP)
  • This is a 6-12 week parenting intervention using video-based feedback to improve mentalization capacity, sensitivity and the attachment relationship (VIPP). This usually involves meeting with the parent on a weekly basis and alternating between video based sessions and feedback sessions. The video sessions consist of the parent and child being filmed whilst engaging in various play tasks together. The feedback sessions consist of reviewing the footage with the parent and working collaboratively to improve specific relational dynamics by aiming to increase the parental capacity to mentalize (i.e. accurately consider what might be in their child’s mind how this influences their behaviour). This is a preventative intervention with a large evidence base that is recommended in the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care excellence) guidelines discussing attachment and intervention.
  • Video based intervention for positive parenting and sensitive discipline (VIPP-SD)
  • This programme is structured similarly to the programme detailed above; however, there is a particular focus on encouraging the parent to adopt a more ‘sensitive’ approach to disciplining their child.
    Both of these programmes are suitable for use with families whose children are on a Child In Need Plan or Child Protection Plan. In addition, research evidence suggest that this style of intervention is also beneficial for families with adopted children who are looking for parenting support and hoping to strengthen the relationship with their child.
  • Mentalization Based Consultation
  • I offer one to one or group case consultations on how to use mentalization based techniques in working with families. This can also be helpful in supporting participants to embed the tools and techniques I have taught them on my training programme.