Training Programmes - (also available as online packages)

I deliver the following courses
  • Attachment and Relationship Based Practice :
  • This course explores the parental mechanisms than can contribute to maltreatment and provides delegates with tools and techniques to use within their own assessments to help and support families more effectively.
  • Parenting Intervention tools and techniques for social workers :
  • This course provides social workers with tools and techniques associated with parenting intervention styles ranging from Attachment, Mentalization and Social Learning Theory that can be directly applied to their work with families. These can be used to help improve the parent-child relationship, ‘challenging’ child behaviours, and the parental capacity to mentalize.
  • Attachment and Trauma (Foster Carers and Adopters) :
  • This course aims to increase the carers/adopters knowledge and understanding of the impact of attachment based trauma on the child’s development, sense of self and behaviour and most importantly their relational needs.